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Interview with Jack Chen, Director of OTI Department of Shipex Logistics LLC

Source:Jctrans     2020-09-14

Jack Chen Director of OTI Department

JCtrans: Would you please make a brief introduction of your company?

Jack Chen: Yes, we are the trucking company in USA. We have the good network with the 7000 trucking companies to provide the most reliable service and competitive rate. Our strong sales team in usa can help you to do the sales call and follow up your sales leads! We have FMC NVOCC license to be the strong bride between USA and all the worlds. We can provide the end to end service and total global supply chain management logistics.

Our management team has theaccumulated over 100 years experience in the global logistics industry. Our dedicated team can provide 7/24/365 service.

We are very familiar with E commerce and Fullfilment service, such as FBA delivery and the distribution service al over the USA.

You can count on us !

JCtrans: Would you please talk about your core-competitiveness?

Jack Chen: We have strong cash flow and dedicated service. Our strong Native American company image to help you to approach the clients in usa. Our strong network in usa is very powerful and valuable.

JCtrans: What do you think is the most important thing to run a logistics company? 

Jack Chen: The good person, I.T. Systems and good company image and service

JCtrans: Would you please talk about the situation of logistic industry in your country?

Jack Chen: We are in the good position in our industry, due to our professional team and dedicated service.

JCtrans:Would you please talk about your strategy to explore foreign market?

Jack Chen: We need to fully understand the politics, economic, culture to get connected with all the related parties! To provide the end to end and one stop service is the key to win !

JCtrans:What is the reason that makes you become a GCP member to develop your business?

Jack Chen: JC trans has the good reputation and image in our industry. We hope we can expend our business by joining GCP.

JCtrans:How do you maintain a long-term cooperation relationship with your clients?

Jack Chen: Keep the good promise, good service. Continue to provide the new service and the state-of-art technology to meet the growth of our clients.

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