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Frankfurter Strasse 83, Raunheim,Germany


www. Dewell-eu.com

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DE WELL(GERMANY) GMBH was set up and start to operate in 2018 by a group of professional staffs. Currently as an air freight forwarder, we can handle all shipments in European countries and we are especially an expert in Germany. Our Company with our warehouse 1500 square meters just under our office located 10 minutes away car driving from most of airlines’ terminal. It is easy for us to understand each other not only because our staff can speak Chinese, Germany, English but also we can understand each other much better without culture difference. We have great relationshipment with various airlines such as CA, CK, CZ, 3V, U3,Y8 etc We can provide Trucking service covering all European countries as well. With a professional service group, DE WELL GERMANY can provide dedicated service including but not limited to : 1.Air Freight for all kinds of shipment: General cargo, D.G. CARGO, LI BATTERY CARGO, PROJECT CARGO etc 2.Road Transportation within European countries 3.Warehousing 4.Re-Packing 5.Custom clearance for both import & export 6.Hazardous Material Warehousing, Shipping & Transport 7.Worldwide Network Our Team have Global Vision and can provide Local Service
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