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    JCtrans provides global logistics enterprises with a platform to find trustworthy partners with great reputation.
    As a global freight forwarding network, JCtrans has been applying stringent restrictions related to companies considered “lost in credibility”.
    We suggest that no members should conduct any business with any company listed on the JCtrans Blacklist.

    Information as below:


    3 Cases Pending
    EUR 1,332.50 , USD 8,979.10
    AZURE LOGISTICS PVT LTD.,D-85, (L.G.F) Malviya Nagar, New Delhi - 110 017. (INDIA),New Delhi, INDIA.,Below are the details to the three cases we are currently handling against AZURE LOGISTICS PVT LTD. who has been terminated from WCA membership for failure to pay fellow members and WCA having to pay claims against Azure Logistics. ,Case 1 - Debt Amount 1332.50 EUR ,Debt(s) incurred from September 2014 ,Despite many attempts by Creditor to collect amounts past due, the Debtor has not made payment ,,Case 2 - Debt Amount 3647.82 USD,Debt was incurred June 2008,Azure Logistics Pvt Ltd. worked with an overseas agent over a period of time when the two agents discontinued working together Azure did not pay the final two invoices or provide any reason for not paying at that time. ,In 2011 (2 Years later) they told the overseas agent who was trying to collect their money they would not pay them for these invoices. They claimed that they had been cheated on the measurements and had substantial proof of having been cheated. ,The origin agent explained to them and FDB has verified that all shipments had been measured and the tally sheets created by the co loader Azure had selected and instructed the agent to use for their shipment. Any discrepancies should be taken up with them as they arranged their services.,While trying to help resolve this matter over three months period we have consistently seen Azure Logistics Pvt ltd. provide excuses for a delay and they have failed on numerous occasions to provide specific information to support their argument in a timely manner. Everything they have provided to date shows us that the origin agent did not do anything wrong other than to give credit to Azure Logistics Pvt Ltd. ,Leaving it to you to decide if you want to do business with a company that will work with you and if they feel they have a problem move to another forwarder and leave your company hanging with what they owe you. ,,Case 3 - Debt Amount 5331.28 USD ,Debt(s) incurred from August 2014 ,This debt was to a fellow member in WCA Ltd. who was one of many members to lodge a claim against Azure. WCA Ltd had to pay the claim while Azure was already serving a suspension of membership over Case 1 and other claims presented to WCA Ltd. WCA Ltd. had to announce the termination of Azure membership in order to protect themselves and their members.,Total Debt Amount for 3 Case(s) = 8979.10 USD and 1332.50 EUR
    It will be highly appreciated if you can assist with any information you may have to JCtrans Network
    Thanks for your kindly attention and cooperation in advance
    JCtrans will do our best to guard members’ benefits and build a platform with good faith

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