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    Dear Transport Manager. Miles Binz Shipping GmbH & Co. KG is an efficient, owner-managed, medium-sized, overseas transport company that specializes in transports & integrated logistics with strengths in sea and air freight. Miles Binz Shipping GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2005 by Miles Binz. Our business model is based on dynamic order processing at competitive market prices, which will be of steadily growing importance for every economic operator - especially in view of globalization. Orders are processed immediately through your personal support consultant. We offer the right solution for every request and special demand. We believe that a company will only be able to achieve a competitive advantage if it has their own advantage against the competition. Miles Binz Shipping is ly flexible and adaptable. Clearly defined internal processes and short decision-making routes allow us to come up with quick and efficient solutions. Miles Binz, born on 5 June 1974, belongs to a Hamburg-based maritime family. As a graduate with an outstanding class from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, he decided to enter the future-oriented field of sea and air logistics. Miles Binz began with the planning of his customized system solution - MB Systemlogistic. Following an analysis of the market situation and his business studies with a focus on corporate shipping, Miles Binz decided to set up his own company with the aim of making his experiences and knowledge accessible to other economic operators. Ever since Miles Binz has stood for reliability and transparency. We can promise you first class service and best connection to all European and eastern European stations without delay. Please compare our Airfreight / Seafreight / DAP / EXW Charges with us for your next shipment via Hamburg Location - HQ in Hamburg - Offices & Warehouses Close to Ports / Airports - Excellent Road Connections Services Offered - Customs Brokerage - Import / Export - Airfreight - Oceanfreight LCL & FCL - LCL Consolidation - Warehousing - Pick & Pack, Marking, Projects - Dangerous Goods - Total Transport Solutions Benefits - Cost-Effective, Competitive Service - Relationship with All Major Air/Ocean and Trucking Companies - Door-To-Door Solutions for All Shipment Modes - Direct EDI Connection with Customs - Excellent Monitoring and Control of Shipments - Qualified, Multilingual Personnel - Highest Quality Customer Service One of our strategy is to answer each single question with maximum accuracy and speed. with best personal regards from Hamburg Miles Binz
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