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    Interview with Vishwan Gowda M.C, Managing Partner of V ...

    Source:Jctrans     17-10-2023

    Vishwan Gowda M.CManaging Partner
    Interview with Dmitriy Shmelyov, Head of Air Freight De ...

    Source:Jctrans     26-09-2023

    Dmitriy ShmelyovHead of Air Freight Department
    Interview with Erik Koistinen, COO of Delta Express Inc

    Source:Jctrans     14-09-2023

    Erik KoistinenCOO
    Interview with Dave Kemmer, Vice President Internationa ...

    Source:Jctrans     14-09-2023

    Dave KemmerVice President International
    Interview with Jessie Ayoub, Manager of Green light Aut ...

    Source:Jctrans     30-08-2023

    Jessie AyoubManager of the Company
    Interview with Michele Bonicalzi, General Manager of Se ...

    Source:Jctrans     28-08-2023

    Michele BonicalziGeneral Manager
    Interview with Mohammad Khatib, Managing Director of Di ...

    Source:Jctrans     25-07-2023

    Mohammad KhatibManaging Director
    Interview with Ali AK, General Coordinator of Talos Den ...

    Source:Jctrans     29-03-2022

    Ali AKGeneral Coordinator
    Interview with Bayarsaikhan.L, Vice Director of Tuushin ...

    Source:Jctrans     08-12-2021

    Bayarsaikhan.LVice Director of Tuushin LLC, Head of Internationa
    Interview with Eka Sherozia, Business Development Manag ...

    Source:Jctrans     01-12-2021

    Eka SheroziaBusiness Development Manager
    Interview with Ezenwata Veronique, Network Director of ...

    Source:Jctrans     19-11-2021

    Ezenwata VeroniqueNetwork Director
    Interview with V. RAVI KUMAR, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Awa ...

    Source:Jctrans     18-11-2021

    Interview with Mr. Tanveer Bukhari , Manager Export & O ...

    Source:Jctrans     27-10-2021

    Mr. Tanveer BukhariManager Export & Overseas Network

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